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Oil and Gas

Overcome industry challenges

In today’s ever-changing landscape of oil and natural gas operations, economic efficiency and environmental protection are paramount. Backed by more than a century of experience and innovation, INNIO's Waukesha and Jenbacher gas engines provide more reliable, efficient, environmentally friendlier power generation in the full range of mobile and stationary applications. Whether running on oilfield gas direct from the ground or on transported liquid natural gas, our distributed power packages can be found offshore and in the remote corners of the world powering operations upstream, midstream, and downstream.


  • Harness otherwise wasted gas and use it as an alternative fuel to power oilfield equipment
    • Maintain operations seamlessly with excellent tolerance for variable fuel quality
    • Operate more reliably in extreme conditions with durable design and construction
    • Meet local air quality requirements even when packages are relocated
    • Yield up to 44% electrical efficiency in simple cycle

Get in touch with our team to get consultation on how INNIO equipment can help address your energy needs for oil & gas power generation, mechanical drive, or gas compression application:


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